At Optimizely, experimentation is at the core of everything we do. It enables one to be brave, ask tough questions, and find data-backed solutions. The Optimizely Experimentation Heroes program celebrates and rewards members of the Optiverse Community who embody the practice of experimenting everywhere, find answers to the Community’s toughest questions, and are committed to improving the Optiverse through their opinions and feedback.

  • You must be an active Customer or Partner of Optimizely.
  • You must meet the minimum Participation Score over the previous 12 months.
  • You must requalify annually.
  • Previous members of the program will be recognized but may not remain active.

In addition, members of the program are offered unique rewards and benefits.

  • Discounts on certifications.
  • A private area to discuss the Community with our team.
  • Recognition within the community.
  • And a few other secret bonuses.

Current Members

Company: Abercrombie & Fitch
Location: Columbus, OH
Optimizely User

Implementer, Facilitator, Enabler. Former tech startup web developer and project leader, Jason handles Tag Management, Vendor Integration, and the ABn Tests run through the Optimizely platform helping measure the customer experience and convert visitors into customers.

Company: Isobar
Location: New York, NY
Optimizely Partner

Robert Chan is an experienced optimizer who has worked extensively with various front-end technologies using tools such as Optimizely. He has specialized in the development of conversion rate optimization practices, advanced marketing-driven testing campaigns, and analytical frameworks for a number of major clients including HBO, Enterprise Holdings, Sotheby's, Complex Media, and many more. He holds a master's degree from King's College London, BA from the University of Chicago, Optimizely Developer Certificate, and Optimizely Platform Certificate.

Company: Betsson Group
Location: Malta
Optimizely User

I am passionate about Front End Development with 16+ years of experience in building web applications, both on permanent and contract positions targeting a broad range of industries and scenarios. My background as a full stack developer & designer gives me better leverage when solving problems in a reasonable time.

Company: CROMetrics
Location: Austin, TX
Optimizely Partner

Tom Fuertes is the CTO of CROmetrics where he specializes in elegant solutions to complex problems, data-driven experimentation and analytics, and crafting new connections between client optimization and company success. When not using experimental analytics to change the world for the better, Tom enjoys running, climbing on rocks, fly-fishing, and froyo.

Company: Clearhead
Location: Austin, TX
Optimizely Partner

My name is Tom Hanlon and I work as an a/b test developer for Clearhead, where I help clients optimize the growth of their digital businesses through multivariate & a/b testing, personalization and analysis.