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A/B price testing by geolocation

rcarrollinogen 06-20-14
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A/B price testing by geolocation

Hi, I've been looking through the support articles, but can't seem to find an exact answer for my question.

Our website ( is partly an e-commerce site, and we would like to test price points by geographical visitor location. Is Optimizely able to allow us to do that? So for example, a product price would appear different to someone viewing from California than to someone viewing from Colorado. This would be a great testing feature for us to have. We use WooCommerce for our e-commerce software. If anyone has tried something similar, I'd love to hear how they implemented it from a technical standpoint.


Amanda 06-21-14

Re: A/B price testing by geolocation

Testing price points is a great idea and can result in some amazing discoveries! 


You can find a support article on geotargeting here.  Our geotargeting allows you to target an experiment to a specific visitor location. For example, you could run an experiment testing price A vs price B for only visitors viewing from California. However, geotargeting is actually a feature that is only available on the Platinum level subscription. 


Can you tell me a little more about why you think users in different states may respond differently to price for your product? Is there any analytics platform you are using now to analyze data for different sub-locations? 


Re: A/B price testing by geolocation

Hi Amanda,


Thanks for the resopnse. We have a product that is not cheap, since we manufacture and sell portable oxygen concentrators. We think it would be good to test different price points for our products, since we really need to find the "sweet spot" that customers will be willing to pay for, since our products are more on the "expensive" end, compared to most ecommerce products.


We use Google Analytics right now to monitor website activity. My main concern is with the A/B price testing, how would that integrate with our e-commerce products so that the product prices change as well? I.e. WooCommerce price changes along with the different price tests. Has any other Optimizely customer done something like that before?

MartijnSch 06-25-14

Re: A/B price testing by geolocation

A possible solution would be to redirect users on your, e-commerce product pages to a variant or duplicate variant of the product and set the price their differently. Then it should only be accessible for the users in your test and the geolocation you've set up in the test itself.

Re: A/B price testing by geolocation

Thanks @MartijnSch , that sounds like it will work - if I use the "redirect to new page" feature in my test. Thanks. Now I guess I'll just have to upgrade to the Platinum version for geolocation targeting.

JasonDahlin 09-20-17

Re: A/B price testing by geolocation

Keep in mind that changing prices means the "test" price of the item also should be reflected in the invoice sent to the customer, needs to be handled correctly when processing Returns, and may impact Customer Service who now receives calls from people who paid different amounts (and the user who saw it at the test-price of $2,895 when they were shopping at work may see it priced at $2,495 when they go home and are placed into a different variation).

--Jason Dahlin
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