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Alternate navigation across site

neworigin 11-05-16

Alternate navigation across site

I am trying to setup an A/B experiment with 2 alternate site navigations.


I change the labels for the links on variation #1 but when I visit the site the navigation changes between the two different versions. I want the variation to stick for a user during their sessionon the site.


How would I set up the experiment to do this?


robertchan 11-08-16

Re: Alternate navigation across site

The variation will inherently stick for a user during their session on the site unless your issue is page flashing which can be addressed as follows:,_flashes,_or_...

A variation will change if a user clears cookies or browses and reloads within an incognito window.
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CouchPsycho 11-10-16

Re: Alternate navigation across site


please do not feel offended, but check your url targeting and change the url in preview mode also. I can provide better support if you like to post the url :-)

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RyanC 11-11-16

Re: Alternate navigation across site

Once a user has been bucketed to a variation they will stick with that variation through their session. What browser are you using to test this? And has it been tested on a clean version (without extensions)?
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