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CMS Suggestions

jcutter 06-25-14

CMS Suggestions

Hello everyone!

Recently I've been part of a large site redesign and development for my company, and the current CMS we've been using has been showing some tragicly apparently signs of age. They have an upgradable version to advance to that is supposed to be more structurely sound, however, I still don't want to put my eggs in one basket while waiting to see if their tier two option is any better than their tier one, which we are paying a relatively large sum for in the first place. 


So here's my question: While I'm searching out there for new possible CMS options from providers with solid support structures, do you have any recommendations that utilize the Optimizely service particularly well, and also, do they have a strong dynamic content generation for regional based content, as well as, possible support for Ecomm?


E-Comm is by no means a requirement with options such as Magneto out there, but it would be nice if they have thought that far ahead. I look forward to the discussion!

Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge, 


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kylerush 06-26-14

Re: CMS Suggestions

Hi J,

There are no CMS that have seamless integrations with Optimizely.

Generally speaking, when it comes to Optimizely integration, the CMS you chose doesn't matter much because Optimizely is very flexible by design. Additionally, what I've found is that any CMS can work well with Optimizely, but the implementation of the CMS is what can make working with Optimizely easier. The implementation is of course a technical architecture decision that your engineering team will need to make.

My advice would be to choose the CMS that works best for your goals and Optimizely will work just fine around that decision. If you have specific questions about how an Optimizely feature integrates with a given CMS I'd be happy to help answer them.
zemaniac 06-26-14

Re: CMS Suggestions

My company is using the hybris suite and I cannot complain about it. Very powerful.

Alessio Romito
Project Manager at 21DIAMONDS GmbH
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jcutter 06-26-14

Re: CMS Suggestions

Thank you both for your feedback. I appreciate it!
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