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Can't edit a variation

roboboogiePDX 09-11-15

Can't edit a variation

I have a running experiment, and want to run a duplicate variation with one minor change.  In the editor I selected duplicate from the menu and sure enough I now have a "Copy of Variation #1.  My problem is that nothing happenes when I click on it.  I have triple checked that there is traffic going to it. It changes color when I hover over it (unlike a variation not recieving traffic).


What is happening?

Amanda 09-14-15

Re: Can't edit a variation

@roboboogiePDX - This does sound strange. Can you provide a little more detail on what you mean when you say you click on it? Do you mean that you can't actually see the third variation that you duplicated because the tab itself is not clickable? Or, do you mean that once you are viewing the third variation you can't click on elements on the page? I take it that you were not able to make the slight change you are mentioning. 


I would be happy to look into this in more detail for you and am looking forward to hearing back.