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Can't see both pages of my A/B test

loanDepot01 01-22-16

Can't see both pages of my A/B test

After I created my fist A/B test (set traffic allocation to 50%-50% and started the experment) I went to the URL I'm testing on several differnt browser and am seeing only the original version on all.  Cleared my cookies and cache and still only the original.  Did I do somethign wrong?

Re: Can't see both pages of my A/B test

 Hi there,


Thanks for your post! When you clear your cookies and cache and reload the page, Optimizely randomly assigns you to the original or one of your variations, based on your Traffic Allocation setup. Can you try using a query parameter to force yourself into your variation and check if you then do see your variation? See this article on how to do that.


If you're still not seeing your variation, can you have a look at our Troubleshooting: Variation content doesn't appear article? It will tell you how you can make sure the experiment is running and you're buckected into the variation. It will also help you with debugging your variation code to see whether that might be causing issues.


Does this help you?