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Capturing search input / custom dimensions

Caroline 02-16-16
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Capturing search input / custom dimensions

Hello Everyone!


I would like to find out either what users are typing in the search field from our customer's homepage or, alternatively, which pages customers arrive at after searching. Basically there are query strings at the end of a the search results page URL, which, after exporting to a CSV file I could sort by "unique views". Then see the most common searches this way.  The query includes the search term inside of it. 



For example, I would have an experiment activate conditionally when the client clicks the search button, then make a pageview goal for all possible search results pages. Then I would use custom dimensions to capture the unique strings for the pageview goal. Then I would export the results and sort them by the most viewed column essentially to figure out what the most common searches are. 


Has anyone else tried something like this before? Has anyone had hundreds of diffierent results for a custom dimension - or is there a better way you could recommend doing this? 


Thanks for any suggestions!


Some info: 


1. Search results string when user clicks search with empty input fields:

  1. When user entered something in first field "was?" (what?)  a.k.a. "q="
  1. User enters something in the second field "wo?"  (where?) a.k.a. "ort="



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Re: Capturing search input / custom dimensions

Hi Caroline,


Thanks for posting your question. Unfortunately Optimizely isn't designed to have so many custom dimension values. I think you can better have a look at tools such as Google Analytics, which is meant to capture as much overall data for your visitors as possible.


If you're looking to integrate an experiment with Google Analytics in order to capture more data about the visitors' journey on your pages after they've entered an experiment, please have a look at our articles about Integrating Optimizely with Google Universal Analytics and Integrating Optimizely with Google Analytics Classic.


Does this answer your question?

Best, Nils

Caroline 02-24-16

Re: Capturing search input / custom dimensions

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Hi Nils, Thanks for the information! That does answer my question.

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