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Collaborator data via REST API

chico 03-27-17

Collaborator data via REST API

I need to get collaborator data using the REST API.


Is this possible?




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tom-hanlon 03-28-17

Re: Collaborator data via REST API

Hey Chico,

Could you try restating your question? What are you looking to achieve? Are you looking to see data/statistics on which users on your team who have made updates to their experiment via the REST API?

Here's a link to the API reference for Classic:

API Reference for X:

Hope this helps.

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chico 03-28-17

Re: Collaborator data via REST API

Hi Tom,

To clarify, I want to capture collaborator data (name, email, etc) for a project via the REST API.

I spoke to Ted from support and what I'm asking for is possible but isn't a priority right now, so perhaps unlikely to happen. I will reply to this thread again if anything changes.

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