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Cross domain redirect experiments

Tuuli 09-10-15
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Cross domain redirect experiments

I work for a non-profit organization called SumOfUs. We're in the process of developing an entirely new website, and would like to roll out a partial launch to start iterating on the design before launching the whole site to our audience. 
My question is - is it possible to do an experiment where we'd test a page on the old site vs. an equivalent page on the new site on a totally different domain, e.g. a petition at vs. 
The problem is that our existing stack is maintained by an external contractor and we have relatively little access to it. We do run Optimizely experiments on it all the time, though, so that works for us, and anything that'd allow us to test page designs on two different domains through Optimizely would be really helpful.
Could this be achieved with e.g. a redirect experiment with cross-domain tracking?


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JDahlinANF 09-11-15

Re: Cross domain redirect experiments

Sounds like that should be fine.
Set up the experiment on OldDomain to redirect a specific page to a new version on NewDomain.
As long as you have the same Optimizely snippet on both domains, your Optimizely dashboards should work fine too.