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Custom Tagging

robertchan 06-29-16

Custom Tagging

I have read through this article (, but it does not go beyond explaining how to tag. How would a condition be set so that a user is only delivered a page based on whether they have a tag or not? This is what I gather thusfar:



window['optimizely'] = window['optimizely'] || [];
window['optimizely'].push(["customTag", "article type", "sports"]);

if( //this page contains a sports tag
//show this user the page
} else{
//do not show this user the page

Robert Chan

AllisonR 06-30-16

Re: Custom Tagging

Hi Robert,
This actually doesn't need to involve any custom logic on your end! Once the tags have been implemented on your site, all you'll need to do is add the audience condition to the experiment as is explained about halfway down the page in the article you linked. It's just after "You also have a few options for how to target certain custom tags"
Hope this helps!

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robertchan 07-05-16

Re: Custom Tagging

Hi Allison,

Thanks! I'll keep your comment in mind
Robert Chan