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Editor doesnt load correctly

Mikki 11-30-15

Editor doesnt load correctly

I hope you can guide me Smiley Happy


When i try to edit an experiment on, the editor cant load, I just get a greyed out area or get pushed out of the app. A pop-up keeps showing up that says: Confirm that you want to leave the page.


When the editor loads the content is not visible, and im not able to edit anything.


Can you tell me what needs to be done?


Thanks a lot!

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MartijnSch 12-01-15

Re: Editor doesnt load correctly

Hi Mikki,


Auch that is pretty bad. Hopefully somebody from the Optimizely team will jump in soon! This is something I'm afraid the rest of the community can't really help you with for now.



Aicke 12-02-15

Re: Editor doesnt load correctly

Maybe I could help you.


It seems that someone of your team or the one who hosts the site, has decided that the page should not be embeddable into an iframe via the following header

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

This prevents optimizely to load your page into the editor. There are several options, the most secure i can think of, is to not set the header if the request comes from optimizely, other options are available (like a whitelist) but are more complex. The easiest but less secure option is to not set this header.


Aditionally it is possible that there is a javascript running on the page called a Framekiller / Framebuster which would explain the leave-page-popup.

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