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Exclude URL's with identifier

AG 04-25-16

Exclude URL's with identifier



how can I exclude pages from my test with an identifier from the javascript code? I mean if I don't have an unique URL or string parameter. I know it's possible to set goals with an identifeir, too. So maybe I can exclude pages also with this. With Identifier I mean a code that only appers on that page I want to exclude, for example an Add2Cart button only appears on the productdetailpage.


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DavidS 04-26-16

Re: Exclude URL's with identifier

Hi AG,


Thanks for reaching out to Optimizely Support!

If you can't use the URL to identify the right pages on which to run the experiment, then the recommended way if you want to run an experiment if a certain javascript condition is met is to use Manual Activation. You would then activate the experiment if and only if the right javascript identifier is present on the page. 


Consequently, you will want to broaden the URL targeting to make sure the experiment is eligible to run on all pages of your domain, provided the activate call is sent. 


Does that help clear things up?