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Experiment Title

vdevaraj 09-27-16
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Experiment Title

We have a couple of experiments that are not sending the Experiment Title to our Adobe SiteCatalyst. Instead of the title, these are sending Optimizely_Exp_experiment number: Var_experiment number


example: Optimizely_Exp_1234567890: Var_1234567890


When I run the diagnositics report I see no issues with the experiment.


What could be interferring with the Experiment Title from being correctly sent to Adobe SiteCatalyst? 

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AllisonR 09-28-16

Re: Experiment Title

Hi there, 


It sounds like you may have the "Mask descriptive names in project code and third-party integrations" option checked in your project settings. This causes third-party services, such as Adobe, to receive experiment and variation numerical IDs instead of the descriptive names. More information about this is here


Does this help? Otherwise, are you using our built in integration for this experiment? If so, this section of our support article has some troubleshooting tips for this integraiton. 


Hope this helps!

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