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Explicit Opt-in to test a new home page

mschmidt 01-11-16

Explicit Opt-in to test a new home page

We would like to publish a new version of our home page as soon as possible. It will be really rough around the edges and probably some modules will be broken. so we would like to ask users of the current home page if they would like take part in a testof the new version. And only those users should be redirected to /home2.html.


What is the best way to achieve this? I know I can set test cookies ( and based on that cookie I could set up a redirect ( But that would I mean I would have set a cookie using JS on the current page manually. Maybe there already is something already built into Optimizely to opt-in to a certain test?

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JDahlinANF 01-11-16

Re: Explicit Opt-in to test a new home page

You can use an Optimizely experiment on your current homepage to add a widget/link that lets users indicate their participation.  This widget could set a cookie (and redirect them to the new site).


Separately, set up a 2nd experiment that runs on the homepage that looks for the existence/value of the cookie created above and redirect all users with that cookie to the new site.


(Keep in mind, you may also want to add a widget to the new site's homepage that allows them to return to the old site - this widget should delete/change the cookie so that the user is no longer auto-redirected to the new site via the 2nd experiment.)