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Failed to sync Gradle in Android

ncapdevi 03-09-16

Failed to sync Gradle in Android

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Just started today after updating to the latest Android Studio version 2.1 Preview 1.  Didn't change anything in my gradle file, and I am now getting:


Failed to sync Gradle project '{Project Name}'

Could not find com.optimizely.amplitudeintegration:1.2.6


Here is the relevant part of my gradle file 

compile('com.optimizely:optimizely:+@aar') {
transitive = true

compile 'com.optimizely:amplitudeintegration:+@aar'



If I remove the refrences to compiling optimizely in the gradle file, it builds just fine.

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Pam 03-14-16

Re: Failed to sync Gradle in Android

@ncapdevi I just tried this on my side and it should be working now. This was likely a temporary issue from when we did our SDK update. Please let me know if this is still an issue for you!