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Forcing parameters with Optimizely X

rwilson 2w ago

Forcing parameters with Optimizely X

When I try to force an experiment variation using the URL params described here, it actually causes the experiment state to become inactive, and provides this message in the logging: { isActive: false, reason: "force" } 


I'm trying to force either of the two variants in my experiment, but I'm not getting either because the experiment is completely inactive. The funny thing is, if I remove the URL param, I get one of the variants, which I believe was the variant I was originally placed in when I published this experiment.


How do I reliably force the experiment variants using this param? I need to provide 3 different URLs to my QA team, one for the original, one each for the 2 variants.

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Michal 2w ago

Re: Forcing parameters with Optimizely X

Hi there,

Generally speaking, using the 'force variation' query parameter should make the experiment state 'active' not the other way around. But it's really hard to tell what might be going on in your case based on the information at hand. Can you please send over the exact URL you are using (including all the query parameters) and the experiment ID?

As for sharing variations with your QA team, I recommend using the 'share link' feature instead of leveraging 'force variation' query parameters. You can read about the feature and how to use it in detail here:

Last not least, please note that this community will be sunset soon. Going forward, I recommend submitting support tickets with our Technical Support team who will gladly address all your technical questions/queries. Once logged in the app, the following link should take you to the ticket submission dialogue:

I hope this helps!