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Full Page Cache in Magento interfering with results

Brian_Diode 05-05-15

Full Page Cache in Magento interfering with results

I have started my first test in Optimizely and I am having issues with getting results. Originally, it was thought to be a Javascript/Jquery conflict but that does not seem to be the case.


There seems to be a conflict with using a full page cache on the site and Optimizely. The results page shows the number of times a variation is dsiplayed, however the clicks are not getting registered. The first test I set up is testing a text link for CHECKOUT and a graphic. In Google Analytics, I have had 15 completed transactions but Optimizely is showing only 4 clicks on the checkout button, and we know that not everyone that clicks checkout completes the process so this hsould be much larger than 15.


I created another test on a page that is not cached, using 2 different logos, and the tracking was 100% on it. 


This is a Magento store with many plug-ins but the full page cache that is currently installed is Zoom. 


Is there a modification that I can make so that I can continue to test without having issues with the full page caching interfering?




Ehsan 05-07-15

Re: Full Page Cache in Magento interfering with results

Hi Brian,


As you have discovered, the source of the goal tracking issue lies with the static nature of FPC (full-page caching). Since Optimizely must operate dynamically, your best option is to turn off caching on the URLs where you are running Optimizely experiments.


Secondarily, there is a process known as "hole-punching" with FPCs that can allow for dynamic content. You can find a brief introduction to the topic in this blog post by Thomas Lackemann. I would wager that you could restore tracking on FPC pages if you could load our Optimizely snippet into a dynamic block that is not cached. Hopefully a fellow Magento/Zoom user in the community can confirm.


Let me know what you find!