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Getting live experiment data

NilsKattau 07-15-14

Getting live experiment data



with the old results pages, you could easily copy a link to your results CSV file that could be used for custom applications, dashboards and so on.


Unfortunately, the new results pages do not open the CSV via URL – they initiate a download instantly.


Is there any way to get the CSV URL or are there other possibilities to read live experiment data?


Thanks in advance,



Amanda 07-15-14

Re: Getting live experiment data

Hey @NilsKattau - can you tell us a little more about what you are specfically looking to accomplish? What information specficially are you hoping to pull for you dashboard, application etc? Also, can you provide some additional detail on how you were using the CSV before? I am hoping that we may be able to find a workaround to get you what you need. 

NilsKattau 07-17-14

Re: Getting live experiment data

Information that we want to pull:


  • Users per variation
  • Conversions per variation
  • Chance to beat the original per variation

Nice to have:

  • Project name
  • Experiment name
  • Variation names


Before, we used a self-written program where we could add results CSV URLs from Optimizely. The information (users, conversions, ctbo) was then pulled from the CSV to our own overview.


This way, we could see the current experiment status for all our Optimizely projects (as an agency, we have many projects) in one view. Experiments that had a winning version were listed on top and marked green.

Amanda 07-18-14

Re: Getting live experiment data

Hey @NilsKattau , I spoke with our product team about this. Although we are not planning to bring back the CSV download, we are going to reach out to you directly about an upcoming release that may be able to solve this issue for you. Thanks again for bringing this up in Optiverse! We definitely appreciate the feedback. 



lkraav 07-30-14

Re: Getting live experiment data

I'm also interested in getting live result data via an API, even a crude one like a CSV downloading curl call.

There's so much discrepancy between information reaching GA and stuff shown in Optimizely, it's impossible to tell what's true. We need to inspect performance of all measurement instruments daily SIDE BY SIDE. Switching between multiple web apps across multiple projects is pretty much impossible to maintain as a process.
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Re: Getting live experiment data

Hi @NilsKattau,


Now that the Optimizely Results API is live, you can obtain this summary information and pull it directly into your reporting suite of choice. Here is the developer documentation:


Here'a s thread where another community user offers his coding approach:

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.