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Google Maps & API

mgola 06-19-18

Google Maps & API

Hi @Everone Smiley Happy
I am quite new to optimizely, so maybe my questions are easy, but I can't find answers online...

Is there the possibility to change the Google Map in experiment? I want original site to have no map and the tested site to contain the map. Where should I insert an API key so that it was hidden for users? Is there the possibility to use external .json file to style the map?

My questions relate Optimizely Classic - without X.

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sandeep89 06-19-18

Re: Google Maps & API

Can you share any details of how you'd integrate Google Maps today?

There are always a few ways of handling these things.
- If you render Google Maps with some JS, you should be able to put that code into a Variant.
- If it's something like an iframe, Optimizely should let you inject it.

An alternative is also to put it on by default, and hide with some CSS in the Experiment.