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Here are the simplest logo design ideas using custom shapes

gabrielantonio 05-18-17

Here are the simplest logo design ideas using custom shapes

Hello mates, students and newbies who have just joined the profession of graphic designing. I am an experienced graphic designer with an extensive experience in logo designing. Whenever, I meet beginners, I always found few uncertainties about the efficient use of design elements to develop a sensible company logo.


After watching outstanding logos incorporating different kinds of design components, they become puzzled about the right use of shapes, colors and fonts to create a logo. In order to use these design components, logo designers should learn the psychological reaction associated with specific design components. 

Here I am talking about the example of simple logo design ideas using custom shapes. Irrespective of its characteristics, every shape symbolize ideas or concepts while developing a mood or emotion in customer mind. If you want to use these shapes creatively without making a wrong choice, you will need to comprehend the right meaning of every shape. Here I am sharing the universal meaning of different shapes that are used in logo designing.


  • Ovals and Circles are used to show balance and security.
  • Ellipses display modernism and innovation.
  • Intermeshing circles exhibit community and cooperation.
  • Triangles in a logo design stands for strength and stability.
  • Squares and rectangles demonstrate professionalism and competence.
  • Horizontal lines show equity, legitimacy and harmony.
  • Vertical lines reveal technology and sophistication.
  • Angled and Diagonal strokes denote energy and progress.


Once you understand the concept and meaning behind these simple shapes, you can effortlessly use them to create a custom logo for your clients.

Are you a newbie designer or you are startup, you can incorporate these shapes in a logo design to create a suitable brand image.

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Very Interesting article. Is a little bit weird reading about logo design in an A/B test forum, but is ok. (I'm sure is a link building tactic)
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