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Hide a pop up

Elisooo 01-20-17

Hide a pop up

Hello, I'm trying to do A/B testing for my home page unfortunately there is our pop up that appears and so I can't make any changes on my home page. How can I do hide this pop up in order to work on my home page ? Thanks for your precious help 

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Re: Hide a pop up

try with the editing mode and delete the pop-up code.
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robertchan 01-25-17

Re: Hide a pop up

Find the selector of the pop up (e.g. #popup or .popup). Next, you can use the following line of code in your variant's variation code to get rid of the pop up:

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Jason-GSell 01-25-17

Re: Hide a pop up

Hi Elisoo, you can use Interactive Mode to close the popup, then switch back to editing mode as @Roman-Delcarmen mentioned to edit the page.

You can learn more about Interactive Mode in Optimizely Classic here:
In Optimizely X, the Interactive Mode button is in the top-right of the Editor.

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RyanC 01-26-17

Re: Hide a pop up

Best option is to this manually through the 'Editor Code' option.

1. Find a specific way to identify the popup. The "id" attribute is always the best option.

2. Type in a code to hide the popup:
//rest of your code goes here.....
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