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How To Setup Mutually Exclusive Experiments

johnzuh 10-09-15

How To Setup Mutually Exclusive Experiments

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As discussed yesterday for running multiple Experiments simultaneously on the Homepage I came up with the following scenario. 


Experiment 1 (Experiment currently running)  Experiment #5  => 5 Variations 

Experiment 2  (New Customer Feedback / Ratings Experiment) Experiment => 1 variation  


In the above Experiments we want to avoid the situation where a visitor interacts with the first Experiment 1 running and also able to interact with the second Experiment 2. Visitors will have to be excluded from Expirement  2 by way of using the cookies to ID them then maybe opting them out?  


We will have to use Project Javascript in Optimizely to filter out our Audience. In this case we could use the visitor id to check if visitors have already logged on Homepage Experiment 1 and if that be the case he will be excluded from Hompepage Experiment 2.  In order to achieve this there are some pre requisites we will have to meet to avoid Conflicts as stated in the documentation. 



I have already see the Javascript Project but dont fully get it? How do i go about this kind of experiment?? Can i have a psuedocode or a code snippet example?


I need to some help as what i can do .Thanks in advance

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Re: Mutually Exclusive Experiments

Hi there,

Thanks for posting your question to the community. I suggest you use the Custom Javascript Audience condition and modify the code block included in this knowledge based article.

You'll only need to change one section of the code block (you'll need to list the two experiments that should be mutually exclusive).

Please note that the URL targeting and audience conditions for both will need to be the same.

Let me know if this helps clear things up!

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success