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Integrating Optimizely with Adobe Analytics

Johan 08-18-16

Integrating Optimizely with Adobe Analytics



I'm trying to Integrating Optimizely with Adobe Analytics. I have followed along with this guide: with no success. The props(prop51) and evars(eVar51) that im choosing via the experiment integrations in Optimizely are never sent. I check via the wasp chrome addon and via the Adobe account. All other data (props & eVars) that we set manually are sent.


We are not using s_code.js but AppMeasurement.js version: 1.5.1. I don't know if we are using custom s variable. I guess not. So I have follow the guide and used:

window.optimizely.push("activateSiteCatalyst"); with no success. I have also tried:  window.optimizely.push(['activateSiteCatalyst', {"sVariable": s_c_il[0].account)}]); where s_c_il[0].account holds the account name, but with no success. Tryed following this guid aswell:


Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong?






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DavidS 08-19-16

Re: Integrating Optimizely with Adobe Analytics

Hi Johan,


Thanks for reaching out to Optimizely Support!


Here are a couple of elements that would need to be checked: 

  • Make sure the experiment is activated on the page
  • Make sure activateSiteCatalyst call is placed directly on your page after AppMeasurement.js loads and before the Adobe tracking call is made
  • Make sure the Optimizely snippet is loaded before any Adobe calls 

I see that you are on a Gold plan. If the above doesn't fix your issue and if you would like to get assistance from our support team, please submit a support ticket and we'll be able to have a closer look at your issue.