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Multiple Selectors in Single Click Goal

seoehealth 10-20-16
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Multiple Selectors in Single Click Goal

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Is there a way to have 2 or more selectors in a single click goal?


The reason I'm asking is that one of my variations has a button with a different selector even though the CTA buttons are essentially the same.


I'd rather see if it's possible through Optimizely vs editing the webpage directly to rename the selectors so they match.


At the moment, I created two goals

- clicks on .zip-action-btn

- clicks on #continue-btn 


When I run them as separate goals it shows one variation as both the winner and loser for essentially the same thing.


Assuming there is a way to track multiple selectors, do the custom event names need to be defined differently?



rockymcg 10-21-16

Re: Multiple Selectors in Single Click Goal

Hi seoehealth,


It is possible to add multiple selectors to a goal in Optimizely. This is detailed in our knowledgebase here.





robertchan 10-24-16

Re: Multiple Selectors in Single Click Goal

You can totally track both of your elements as one click goal. To make things organised, I like to add a class for multiple elements that I know will feed to one click goal. In your case, for example, I would do something like the following:


Now, for your click tracking, you can just use .opt-some-name and it will track those elements.
Robert Chan

bogdanc 2w ago

Re: Multiple Selectors in Single Click Goal

The link you posted doesn't work I have spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out in Optimizely X - at this point I am starting to think it's a POS compared to Classic - REALLY FRUSTRATED
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