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Off Site Conversion

anattadesign 12-18-15

Off Site Conversion

I have an ecommerce site that is separate from my membership site. So for example - customers buy a product from me on And then upon successful purchase, they get redirected automatically to 


So I don't have an order_placed or order_confirmation page that users are taken to where I can post the Optimizely tracking script. 


If I did somehow place the Optimizely tracking script on, I wouldn't be able to get the conversion value. Like I could try to pass the conversion value as a parameter in the POST URL. But I don't have code access to because that code is encrypted. So I can't ingest the value of what's being passed over to it. 


Any thoughts on how to solve this? 



JDahlinANF 12-18-15

Re: Off Site Conversion

In this example, /membership is the order confirmation page?


If you are able to place the snippet on the /membership pageso that it appears like:


(or some other URL param value)


You can set up a goal that looks for the /membership URL with the presence of your URL parameter.


If you are not able to add your snippet to /membership or are not able to append a URL parameter, would it be sufficient to track when a user clicks the "Submit Order" button as the goal?