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Optimizely Apps is in Beta

Tiutan 03-15-16

Optimizely Apps is in Beta

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Today we’re excited to move Optimizely Apps into beta. Apps is a selection of tools accessible within the Optimizely platform that enable users to customize their optimization workflows and improve overall productivity.


Check out the community post to learn more about the apps we’re making available today as part of the beta.


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.07.27 AM (1).png


You can build an app for your company’s benefit and/or publish your app and make it accessible to Optimizely customers.


Apps take advantage of a new framework of the Optimizely Platform called “Canvas”, which allows you to embed custom experiences directly in the native Optimizely interface via an iframe. The iframe receives information about the current user as well as API credentials, empowering you to build any experience you like on top of Optimizely’s APIs, using any technology stack.


Developers interested in building an app and taking advantage of Canvas can check out our Apps Developer Guide that contains step-by-step instructions to register, build, and submit an app to Optimizely. We’ve also created a Python Starter-Kit to help developers get up and running quickly.


Apps is a beta feature that is only available to customers on select Enterprise plans.

Chris Tiutan
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