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Optimizely Developer Newsletter - October 2017

davidisquick 10-11-17

Optimizely Developer Newsletter - October 2017

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This month, we’re helping product teams evaluate when it makes sense to build or buy their experimentation solution. We’re also highlighting new measurement and performance capabilities, showing off how to integrate Optimizely with a Facebook Messenger bot, and demonstrating the power of the REST API.

Product News

Measuring Beyond Conversions: New Features in Optimizely X

We’ve added new measurement capabilities to Optimizely X: more flexible metrics, Metrics Builder, a rebuilt Data Export, Event API and features like export to CSV.


Experiment Anywhere Using Our Event API

The Event API enables teams to programmatically send events from any experience.  Learn the top use cases for the Event API and when to use it as opposed to sending events using the JavaScript snippet or Full Stack SDKs.


Improving Snippet Performance and Matching With 3rd Party Analytics

We’ve added batching to our JavaScript snippet for improved performance along with event timing controls to enable better matching with 3rd party analytics tools.

Best Practices

Build vs. Buy: Implementing the Right Experimentation Solution
Deciding whether to build your own testing framework, integrate an open source solution or purchase an existing platform can be a tough decision.  Find out the key considerations when deciding whether or build vs buy in this whitepaper.


Scale your Experimentation Program with Optimizely's REST API

Learn how Optimizely’s REST API can help automate your experiment workflows, provide finer-grained control over your experiments, and integrate more deeply into your stack.


Build and Test a Messenger Bot with Node.JS and Optimizely

The rise of chatbots provides exciting possibilities for new ways to communicate with customers, but there are many hurdles to creating a successful chatbot, most notably insight into the optimal experience. Experimentation offers a powerful opportunity to determine the most compelling user experience for messaging bots. Check out an example of how to build a bot for Facebook Messenger using Node.JS and Optimizely X Full Stack to test different responses.


Community Showcase

Facebook Messenger Bot with Optimizely Demo (Node.JS)

Get the source code for our demo Facebook Messenger bot that uses Optimizely’s Node.JS SDK to experiment with multiple types of responses.


Extension for Swapping Image Backgrounds

We built an Extension to replace background images as soon as Optimizely loads so as to prevent any chance of flickering using CSS important tags.


Tips and Tricks

Customizable Cache Expiration (TTL)

Want greater control over your JavaScript performance? You can now customize how long the snippet is cached before visitors' browsers check for new content.


Mutually Exclusive Experiments

Running experiments at scale means that you have to watch out for interaction effects between multiple experiments. Mutually exclusive experiments are easy to set up in Optimizely X Web Experimentation and Personalization either in the visual editor or using the REST API.  You can also set up mutually exclusive experiments for Full Stack projects.

Upcoming Events

Opticon 2017 - Las Vegas, October 17-19, 2017

As part of the developer experience at Opticon, we'll be hosting our first ever Developer Night on October 17th with a series of lightning talks from Optimizely engineers. During the conference, we’ll have several full-length sessions to help developers take their experimentation game to the next level.


NYC Developer Meetup w/ Blue Apron - New York City, November 7, 2017

Join us in New York for a fireside chat on experimentation with John Cline, Engineering Manager at Blue Apron.  


AWS Re:invent - Las Vegas, Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2017

It’s the largest global conference for cloud computing and we’ll be there!

Do you want to be featured on Optimizely's blog? Do you have a cool code sample to share? Get in touch! Reach out at @optimizely.

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Re: Optimizely Developer Newsletter - October 2017

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Re: Optimizely Developer Newsletter - October 2017

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Re: Optimizely Developer Newsletter - October 2017

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The best solution is the simplest.
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