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Optimizely Developer Newsletter - September 2017

davidisquick 09-07-17

Optimizely Developer Newsletter - September 2017

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Welcome to our new monthly developer newsletter. We’ll be bringing you the latest product announcements, best practices, and customer stories.


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Product Updates

Introducing Extensions - Helping Teams Collaborate Better

Extensions are reusable templates made in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that developers can build to make it easier for non-technical teams to launch promotions or notify their customers about changes.

Change History Now Available for Optimizely X

If you create or manage experimentation or campaigns through visual editor, code editor, or REST API, you can now see an activity log in Change History.

Best Practices

Why Experiment Server-Side?

Client-side experimentation is great for testing content but what if you want to experiment on your product functionality? In this blog post, John Provine, PM for Optimizely Full Stack explains the difference and use cases for experimenting server-side vs. client-side. We’ve also made an infographic to explain the differences between client and server-side testing.

Customer Spotlight

Using Optimizely Full Stack, was able to increase the number of experiments they ran per month by 300% and now deploy 80% of all new feature updates as experiments.

Tips and Tricks

How to set up an extension

Get step by step documentation for how to set up an extension using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Community Showcase

Optimizely Add-On Library

Our add-ons library includes custom analytics integration code and sample extensions that you can integrate with Optimizely X Web Experimentation.

Code Samples for Full Stack

We have code samples built by Optimizely and 3rd party developers that illustrate how to experiment with different algorithms, SMS applications and even how to build your own event dispatcher.

Upcoming Events

Opticon 2017 - Las Vegas, October 17-19, 2017

As part of the developer experience at Opticon, we'll be hosting our first ever Developer Night on October 17th with a series of lightning talks from Optimizely engineers. During the conference, we’ll have several full-length sessions to help developers take their experimentation game to the next level.

AWS ReInvent - Las Vegas, Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2017

It’s the largest global conference for cloud computing and we’ll be there!

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