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Rapid Experiment Development with Optimizely-CLI

Arun 01-14-15

Rapid Experiment Development with Optimizely-CLI

Hi fellow Optimizely developers-


We're engineers that write a lot of tests, and recently decided to open source the tool we built that has had a profound impact on our test development velocity. It's called Optimizely-CLI and you can find out more here:


It's really designed for engineers that can write Javascript and are comfortable with the command line, and features:


  • Local experiment with your favorite software development tools (e.g. Sublime, Git)
  • Local experiment hosting & preview / debug
  • Publish via API

Thought I'd send it out to the community to see if it had value for anyone else. It's open source (free) so feel free to give it a whirl and let me know what you think.





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