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Reloading site in Optimizely

jencajenca 10-14-14

Reloading site in Optimizely


We would like to run a test in Optimizely where we 1) set a custom cookie and 2) reload the page, in order for the site code to see the cookie. Is there anything Optimizely specific to think of when it comes to:


* Goals? The URL is identical in both cases so I assume that this should be OK

* Optimizely specific things, such as writing optimizely_redirect=http://custom in the start of the test (which I have not done, since it is not a redirect)

* Starting the test?As it is now, the test is started for all users but if a person comes in on the variation, the variation code checks if the cookie is set, and if so, does nothing. 


Thanks for all input!


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adzeds 10-14-14

Re: Reloading site in Optimizely

Just so I can get my head into your situation, why do you need to reload the page?

What effect will it have before and after a reload?
David Shaw
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MartijnSch 10-15-14

Re: Reloading site in Optimizely

Hi Jenny,


As long as you also check within the code settings of the test that the cookie is already set you should be able to redirect the users to the current page so they'll see the test from scratch. Ofcourse it would be best if you didn't have to reload the page, but I guess you'll have to change the page based on backend code instead of frontend.