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Ruby on Rails?! Will Optimizely work seamlessly with RoR app?

MishaRocks 02-16-15

Ruby on Rails?! Will Optimizely work seamlessly with RoR app?

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We have a BIG national client that gives quotes through a RoR app form on their site and we are helping them with conversions but their overseas coding team is very slow to reply and implement. Our coding team has no RoR experience and our Google Analytics expert suggested Optimizely to make certain changes faster. 


Will OP work with RoR and if so, how deep into the app will it allow changes? I am so confused!!


In other words, if on the home page we have a headline, subhead, 3 images that have radial button for a choice, next button, testimonial, and 4 form fields, and then the next page has an additional set of forms and image radial buttons, and a next button, and the next page serves up the quotes, and a final page asks for personal details through form fields, what will optimizely allow us to edit on these forms (and how?!) Will it interfere with the database of API/APP coding itself, etc?


This is all new to us with RoR so we feel very frustrated and uncertain and don't want to mess anything up with our clients or their site as they get thousands of visitors a day.


Thank you!!

td_evans 02-17-15

Re: Ruby on Rails?! Will Optimizely work seamlessly with RoR app?

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Optimizely just works on the front end. Through the UI you can make changes easily to the design, text or feel of the site. For example you could change the style, or label, on the form. Or you could very easily change the text of the subline or the background images. You could even change the style of the page where the quotes appear.

For deeper functionality changes, perhaps where you totally want to change the form so there are now totally new elements you might need to create a new page in Ruby and perform a redirect.


What are you using at the moment for AB testing? If it's GCE, and the majority of the tests you want to run are based around text or style - then I have no doubt Optimizely will speed this up. 


Thomas Evans
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