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Running an experiment without JavaScript?

trhaynes 05-08-15

Running an experiment without JavaScript?

Is it possible to make use of Optimizely's new StatsEngine without JavaScript? For example from a desktop app or a web application that doesn't use JavaScript.


For example, I would love to send Optimizely data like "visitor1 got version A", "visitor2 got version B", "visitor 1 converted", etc. and then have Optimizely crunch the data and show me the awesome graphs with confidence interval. The only issue is that I can't send that data with JS.


Any possibilities?



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Re: Running an experiment without JavaScript?

Hi there,

You can do this by sending event tracking calls directly to Optimizely's logging servers!

Read more about Offline Conversions here:

Let me know if this helps Smiley Happy

Amy Herbertson
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trhaynes 06-08-15

Re: Running an experiment without JavaScript?

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Edit -- Turns out you can't run an experiment without Javascript.


Great, that makes sense for tracking conversion events (click, purchase, etc.).


What about telling Optimizely that a certain user viewed a certain version of an experiment? Optimizely also needs to know about visitors that don't convert...



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tomfuertes 06-15-15

Re: Running an experiment without JavaScript?

Visitors fire a "pageview" once bucketed. Fire a fake offline conversion goal for 100% of bucketed traffic and you should be good to go w/ counts!

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