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Salesforce Integration

hweaver 02-26-15
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Salesforce Integration

I'm interested to know if there's a way to get the experiment ID a customer has viewed. When a form is submitted, if they've seen an Optimizely experiment I'd like to be able to pass that information into Salesforce along with the rest of the lead information. However, I'm not seeing the ID in a cookie or anything like that. I know Bizible offers this service, but it's a bit out of the price range for what we're looking to accomplish here.

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michaelwei 02-27-15

Re: Salesforce Integration

Hi hweaver,


You can obtain the experiment ID information in two places:


1. optimizelyBuckets cookie: The optimizelyBuckets cookie contains each experiment ID and variation ID that the user has been bucketed in to. You can loop through this cookie to extract the experiments.


2. The optimizely data object: if you open up your Javascript console, you can check to see which experiments and variations a visitor has been bucketed into by typing in "optimizely.variationIdsMap". This will pull up an object that contains arrays of each experiment and variation bucket.


Does that help you get the information you need?