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Simple Match targeting

shihatazh 01-05-15
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Simple Match targeting


We've created a test that changes the header on all our pages. There are two versions of this test. One runs only on the home page, and the other runs on all the other pages. Where im confused at is setting up the targeting. Since I want to run one expierement only on the homepage I created the targeting with exact match correct? , the tricky part now is that every other page that has the other variation would be set up as a substring but it also includes the begining url of the homepage. So that's where im having the troubles at. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can clearify 








Amanda 01-05-15

Re: Simple Match targeting

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Happy New Year @shihatazh !


Here's how I recommend setting up your targeting:


Experiment 1 on the Homepage: Target to a simple match for A simple match will allow there to be query string parameters appended to the end of the URL, for example utm_campaigns etc. An exact match will not allow for any query string parameters. 


Experiment 2 on all pages except the homepage: Target a substring match to but add an *exclusion* targeting URL so that the homepage is not included in the experiment. This will allow this experiment to run on all pages on your site except the homepage. See screenshot below for reference. 


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.55.52 AM.png


Let me know if I am understanding your question correctly. I assumed that your second experiment should run on all pages *except* the homepage. 


I am happy to provide more details if this does not sound like it will do the trick for you.