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Slider Not Working for variations-1

support 07-12-16

Slider Not Working for variations-1


Step:-1 I have Created New Variations for A/B Test. Check -

Step:-2 But there is an issue Not working for slider in variation-1. Check –

Step:-3 It's  Original Page same slider is  working.

This url is for variations-1 (Check screen shot for url - )

Please check !


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AllisonR 07-13-16

Re: Slider Not Working for variations-1

Hi there,


I took a look at the experiment and it looks like there is a lot of use of Edit HTML in the variation code. This article explains where to find your experiment's variation code. Edit HTML uses the jQuery .replaceWith method to replace the existing HTML with a static block of new HTML. This can cause dynamic content to become static. This is why the slider is static in Variation #1.


Rather than using Edit HTML to move this element, I recommend using rearrange to move the slider to a different position in your variation. See our support article for more details about this.


Hope this helps!



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