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Support for latest Chrome/Vista combo?

Mizzevie23 02-12-15

Support for latest Chrome/Vista combo?

Does anyone know if Optimizely is supporting the latest version of chrome combined with Vista os? In testing we noticed that our link didn't work in the A/B test. Other browsers seemed fine. 

Brian_Abad 02-12-15

Re: Support for latest Chrome/Vista combo?

Thanks for your question!

How did you determine that Optimizely was not working within Vista OS?

More generally, you can check for a running Optimizely experiment following the steps outlined in our knowledge base article - here:

You can also push the Optimizely log which returns information on how experiments are evaluated on a provided page. Enter optimizely.push('log') into your developer console to return that information.

Happy to discuss further what may be going on!
Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success