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Using optimizely in a Meteor APP

Garbolino 09-09-15

Using optimizely in a Meteor APP


Does anyone try to use optimizely in a Meteor APP?

I have added the optimizely js code in the client/lib folder then add the next two lines

window.optimizely = window.optimizely or []
window.optimizely.push [ 'activate' ]

It seems everything is ok, i can access to my home and create the experiment, but after that nothing happens.


Any idea?



Re: Using optimizely in a Meteor APP

Hi @Garbolino,


Are you deploying Optimizely in a web app or a native mobile app?


If a web app, I would suggest ensuring the syntax you have for manually activating your experiments exactly matches what we recommend here.  Then, any experiment you configure for manual activation in the Visual Editor will be activated on a page where that API call is made (provided the visitor meets the Audience targeting, URL targeting, and Traffic Allocation criteria).  If that syntax is in place, could you file a Support case here?


If a native mobile app, we'd want to explore further what your Meteor implementation looks like.  You could also start by filing a Support case at the link above.

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.