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Using optimizely to test two server side algorithms

Joshrp 10-19-15

Using optimizely to test two server side algorithms

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We'd like to run a test showing some users search results using our new algorithm, but we're unsure how to properly split them up on the server side. This is only a problem for fresh new users who haven't yet loaded one of our pages and been assigned, unfortunatly that's quite a good proportion of our traffic.


Searching the forums shows the best solution is to do a JS side redirect after the page loads, but we'd like to avoid building the page, loading optimizely, then redirecting again, both because of the increased load time for users and increased load on the server with a lot of people making twice as many searches. 


Is there any new way we can either:


  • Assign a bucket for users on the server and tell optimizely this when the page loads.
  • or randomly send them to a variation and optimizely pick up on this on page load.


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Re: Using optimizely to test two server side algorithms

Hi @Joshrp,


Thanks for contributing to the Optiverse! I'm Becca Bruggman a Solutions Architect at Optimizely and wanted to provide some help for you.


As you noted, you would need to do a client side redirect to split traffic between the two pages. The Optimizely order of operations for executing experiment code prioritizes our redirect code when it finds it, so the process of this client side redirect happens very quickly. Utilizing a client side redirect should not cause additional latency as long as Optimizely is loaded synchronously and high in the head tag.


Did you have any follow-up questions?