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how to do A/B testing

pchandolu 07-20-16

how to do A/B testing

We have optimizely on our website and I would like to know how we can do A/B tetsing a webpage using optimizely

mminshew 07-20-16

Re: how to do A/B testing

These articles are a great start, I reference them a lot and have pieces of them printed out. If you have a specific question about the tool or a/b testing outside of these articles just ask and i'm sure someone can jump in and help answer specifics and get you started. Happy Testing!
Michael Minshew,
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pchandolu 07-20-16

Re: how to do A/B testing

I am trying to use pageloadevent in custom javascript code that is part of the experiment but not working.

Here is what I have


console.log("pagebeforeload starting");
document.cookie="optimizely AB Cookie=1";
//$.cookie('optimizely AB Cookie', '1', { expires: 7, path: '/', domain: '' });

console.log("cookie is set");
window.location.href = "";


robertchan 08-03-16

Re: how to do A/B testing

Check whether your use of on is compatible with the version of jQuery you're using, try to scope out what you're doing to window, and try setting a cookie through Optimizely in the audience panel.
Robert Chan

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