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node and express

EmilyRumbelow 01-20-16

node and express



Is there a way of making this work in node with express routing? I'd like to call to optimizely with my project, assess if the route matches any of the optimizely experiments, check for that cookie, if its not there start the experiment and set the cookie. It seems wastful to start rendering out a route that once the JS loads on the client will go back to my node aplication to render a new route.. 


Thank you

Re: node and express

Thanks for your question, @EmilyRumbelow!


While I don't have a lot of expertise with Node - one of our customers, Trulia, has built a Node package that is really awesome. Here's a link to that:



Would you be able to give that a look and reply back to this thread on whether it helped or if you're still not having any luck? While the Optimizely team may not have the answer, perhaps one of our awesome Optiverse community members will. Hoping to help get you set up soon!