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rich text area pop up

Yeahwrite 12-26-15

rich text area pop up

I love the plugin. I love the experiments. I'm not loving the offered help.


There's this pop up that appears if my curser is left to idle in the post/ page editor:


Rich text area: press alt shift H for help.


How do I turn off this pop up? It's informative value is zero, I'm well aware that I'm hovering in a text area. I'm well aware how to find help. This pop up covers the text I'm working on, making me unable to read it. It's in the way so much of the time that cancelling the plugin seems to be the only way to get some work done efficiently.


This pop up only occurs when optimizely is activated and occurs regardless of which browser is being used (e.g. firefox / chrome / safari).


I'm getting traumatic flashbacks about a certain not-so-helpful-paperclip...


Help would be appreciated!

Re: rich text area pop up

Hi @Yeahwrite,

Thank you for posting about this. It appears that while this tooltip isn't related added by our plugin at all, our plugin is causing it to show up. I've reproduced this on my own wordpress account. With that said, I have a fix below to the rather odd occurrence with these instructions. 


1. Click Plugins, Choose Editor (please see attached screenshot)
2. Select plugin to edit as "Optimizely"
3. Select optimizely/styles.css from Plugin Files
4. Add CSS Style below
5. Click "Update File"


[role='tooltip'] { 
    display:none !important; 


As a quick notes our team will be doing our best to prioritize and fix this issue over the course of the next month; and more permanently transitioning it to one of our solutions partners in January. We will have more info around who that will be closer to next year, but wanted to pass along the information that our team is prioritizing and aiming for a fix with this.


Thanks and I hope that is helpful. Please feel more than free to reply back with any additional questions at all.

Yeahwrite 12-28-15

Re: rich text area pop up

That fixed it! Thanks so much for the quick and clear response!

Babyhuys 12-28-15

Re: rich text area pop up

You're welcome, @Yeahwrite! I'm glad I was able to help!

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