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Welcome to the Los Angeles Optiverse Group!

ar_tabrizi 05-15-15
Welcome to the Los Angeles Optiverse Group!
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Angeleno Optimizers Unite!


Hello and welcome to your los angeles Optiverse Group.


Whether you are an optimization veteran or just started testing, you came to the right place.
Here you can find like minded individuals who are passionate about analytics, testing, optimization and data driven innovation.

Once a quarter we will meet up, to network and share our experiences. We will also bring on the best in optimization to present their accomplishments and insights.


My name is A.R. and I am the leader for the Los Angeles group. I work at Demand Media as optimization manager and have been using optimizely for about 3 years. I am very excited to be part of this group and help facilitating the knowledge and experience transfer.




Please take a few minutes and introduce yourself here ( Introduction Thread )


Thank you.


A.R. Tabriz i
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This is the Los Angeles Optiverse group. Stay connected with local Optimizely users and look out for our upcoming events. Join us!
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