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A/B Testing on wireframes

AWF 01-13-15

A/B Testing on wireframes

I have not started testing with Optimizely yet, and I'm not a developer. I am trying to discern whether we can use the app wireframes that our developer created in Optimizely for A/B some of our screens without having the developers code  the screens entirely.

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Re: A/B Testing on wireframes

Thanks for the question, @AWF!


Would you be able to elaborate a little bit more on what you mean by wireframe?


If you are asking to see if you are able to add or modify existing elements that aren't hard-coded in the app, you actually aren’t (without submitting code to the App store). You can only alter the appeareance of views, buttons, and other elements that are in the app's code.


Looking forward to hearing back and helping get you set up!