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A/B testing payment page in-App ?

HugoPeran 08-27-16

A/B testing payment page in-App ?



I currently have an app on Android with 50 000 users. And i would like to test different business models and different payments types (ex : memberships vs credit system) on this app via an A/B test.

Is it possible to do so on mobile ? Is there any examples here.

And how do you ingrate it properly so that the transactions / payments are integrated into Android and accepted by the playstore (and google's policy).

Thank you ! Smiley Happy

DavidS 08-29-16

Re: A/B testing payment page in-App ?

Hi HugoPeran,


Thanks for reaching out to Optimizely!

From Optimizely's point of view, you could decide to show each different payment system using a Live Variable. For example a Live Variable set to ON would show the new payment system and a Live Variable set to OFF would show the old payment system. You can also set other numeric values for a Live Variable if you want to test multiple payment systems. 


So Optimizely itself will allow you to switch between the two but is not responsible for the implementation of these payment systems per say. You'll need to implement these payment systems yourself and make sure they match the Play Store's requirements and use a Live Variable to show them appriopriately. 




HugoPeran 09-04-16

Re: A/B testing payment page in-App ?

Thanks for you answer.

So Basically i could do a test, but it wouldn't be signifiant in the statistical sense ?