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Android Manifest merge problems

ZipCarEng 10-20-15
Accepted Solution

Android Manifest merge problems

It appears that a couple of the integration modules (mixpanel and amplitude) have 

android:allowBackup set to true in their Manifests. 


This clashes with other libraries and connot be worked around without changing the manifest.


Solution appears to be to exclude the libraries in the gradle dependencies:


compile('com.optimizely:optimizely:1.2.4') {
transitive = true
exclude module: 'mixpanelintegration'
exclude module: 'amplitudeintegration'


but ideally the modules would not attempt to set the backup attribute.


Is allowbackup needed by the integrations?

Pam 10-20-15

Re: Android Manifest merge problems

@ZipCarEng Thanks for your question!


This is a bug on our side that we have now fixed.  You should be able to run the following command in order to update to the latest version of the SDK:


./gradlew --refresh-dependencies assembleDebug


Do you want to try that and let me know if it works for you?




ZipCarEng 10-21-15

Re: Android Manifest merge problems

Works fine now without exclusions, thanks.