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Does Optimizely Automatically Count/Track App Open Events

thorben 05-27-15

Does Optimizely Automatically Count/Track App Open Events

I'm using CodeBlocks for a sign-up A/B test. Because the scroll performance was bad, I'm setting



 to false.


The value/metric that we want to track for the sign-up experiment is "returing users". Does Optimizely automatically track this or do I need to track this with 



 And if I use trackEvent, does it track unique calls per user or does trackEvent behave like a boolean value such as once called always true? 



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Suneet 05-28-15

Re: Does Optimizely Automatically Count/Track App Open Events

Hi thorben,


1) Unfortunately Optimizely doesn't yet automatically track returning users. 


However, we are working on a retention goal which I think would capture what you're looking to do. How would you expect to see this measured? Are there specific retention metrics that are more important to you? For example, whether a user returns within a week, a month, or on specific days? 


2) If you use track event in that way, it behaves like a boolean value for each individual user. 


One way you can work around this, if you're looking to track retention on specific days, is to create different goals for different days, and then use logic in your app to determine when to trigger those goals. I know that workaround isn't ideal, but it will enable you to get started while we work on building our built-in retention goals. 




George 08-07-15

Re: Does Optimizely Automatically Count/Track App Open Events

I think one possible way to work around this is taking an opposite approach. You probably already have an event tracking platform integrated into your app (at the very least). For example, Mixpanel. There already is an existing integration with Optimizely/Mixpanel that you could use to track what experiments and variations the user is assigned to.

That way, you'd be able to see all the KPIs and events you track, segmented by experiment variation.

If you don't have Mixpanel or another system that is already integrated, you could roll your own. Optimizely's SDK for mobile has methods which return all the experiments/variations that each user has been assigned to/seen. You could dump this into your existing system. This would be an alternative to using an export API (which is something that Optimizely does not have yet).

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