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Integrating Optimizely with React Native (Android)

marcelij 04-06-16

Integrating Optimizely with React Native (Android)

I try to integrated Optimizely with React Native and seems there is a problem. I tried with newest React native 0.22.2 and on Nexus 5 Phone and emulator (Genymotion) I got 'Unfortunately Application has stopped'. If I remove line from build.gradle line:

  compile('com.optimizely:optimizely:+@aar') {
      transitive = true

Application is not crashing . I event try withouth transitive params:

compile 'com.optimizely:optimizely:+@aar'

But then in I'm getting:

nativestarter/ error: cannot find symbol
import com.optimizely.Optimizely;
  symbol:   class Optimizely
  location: package com.optimizely
1 error
:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac FAILED
Level 1

DavidS 04-07-16

Re: Integrating Optimizely with React Native (Android)

Hi marcelij,


We currently don't support React Native. Unfortunately, this is not included in our roadmap to support. 


Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.