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Optimizely impact on app performance

AndrewS 11-14-14

Optimizely impact on app performance

How does Optimizely impact app performance?  It looks like when I connect to the Optimizely editor, a socket is being open. Won’t this affect the live performance of the app?

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Pam 11-14-14

Re: Optimizely impact on app performance

Thanks for asking this. Optimizely should have very little impact on the performance of your app. When connecting to the Optimizely editor a socket is opened when the app enters “Edit Mode”. This only happens when connecting to the editor and the socket does not open for your users.


The SDK is 1-2MB (which is very small) and all experiment changes are made locally to the app. Network requests are made every 2 minutes, and this interval is customizable. Network requests are made to:

  1. Download the config file which contains your experiment and variation data
  2. Return tracked data (e.g. conversion and revenue data)


More details can be found here: