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TrackEvent debugging iOS

jyk 02-10-15

TrackEvent debugging iOS

Hello, I am working on getting Optimizely integrated into an app and I am having trouble debugging the trackEvent network requests due to several ambiguities. I am seeing several events fired, however, I am only firing the event once within my code. When I call dispacthEvents it is sending the event twice it seems.


In the network request, I see parameters titled 'a', 'd', 'g[]', 'n', 't', and 'u'. What do these parameters stand for? Thanks, I appreciate the help.

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Pam 02-11-15

Re: TrackEvent debugging iOS

@jyk Thanks for reaching out!  The other events you see getting fired are likely the session and visitor event goals that we send when someone sees an experiment.  Does that explain some of the extra network calls that might be happening?  This is order to count that someone has seen an experiment.


The key parameters to note are:

n - goal name

t - timestamp

u - user id

x - experiments that someone is part of


The other parameters are related to your Optimizely account.  Let me know if you have additional questions on this.  I'm happy to help!