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enableEditor and optly URL configuration

learnvest 12-16-14

enableEditor and optly URL configuration

I'm looking to establish a QA process for our iOS optimizely stuff. From what I gather, one does not need to have the enableEditor method called in order to trigger the app to enter edit mode (I want to enter edit mode so that QA can run preview mode on each variation). However when I manually open Safari (on the iDevice) and enter the custom optly url here's what happens:


1. It asks to launch the app

2. I say yes/open

3. A small popup within the app says I must reopen to enter edit mode

4. I press ok, the app force closes

5. I relaunch the app from app's screen

6. Nothing happens on the optimizely web end (where I assume I should be no connected to see fiddle with variations etc.)


What am I doing wrong?


Re: enableEditor and optly URL configuration

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Thanks for your interest in Optimizely's iOS SDK, @learnvest


For starters, I would suggest double checking that your full Project ID (found in your Optimizely iOS Project's "Settings" tab) is in both your API Token / Project Code in your AppDelegate.m as well as in the "Info" tab of your app in the section called "URL Types". Here's an article that can help you verify that. I wil additionally reach out to you via email so we can set up a time to go through this and anything else.